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Laser Days in the Classroom Activity Kit

FREE for Middle School Educators:  Laser Activity Kit

Activity Kit
Compliments of LaserFest: The 2010 year-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first working laser!

Sponsored by:

Lockheed Martin

About the "Laser Days in the Classroom" Activity Kit

  • Sponsored by Lockheed Martin and LaserFest
  • Easy to demonstrate; includes enough materials for an entire class to participate
  • Appropriate for middle school students
  • Laser-related educational activities:
    • How regular light differs from laser light
    • How to use a laser to transmit sound
    • How to measure a hair's width with a laser
  • Other classroom materials included in each kit:
    • Posters
    • Stickers
    • Comic book series featuring Spectra, The Original Laser Super Hero
    • Playing cards to swap and trade, featuring current laser technology applications
    • And so much more!

Thank you for your interest in the Laser Days in the Classroom Activity Kit sponsored by Lockheed Martin and LaserFest. Due to high demand, this activity kit is not available at the moment. However, if you would like a set of "Make Waves - Discover Science" Posters please click the link below. This four-part poster series explores lasers, cross-polarization, acoustics and echolocation. The posters are available in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Turkish and Mandarin.

Request a set of posters

Acoustics Cross Polarization Echolocation Lasers

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